it is so FRIGGIN annoying that so many of the picture uploads that I have posted aren’t showing. Can you guys see them? It also takes several minutes to upload which is more aggravating. Oh well – I guess storytelling will be due when I get home. Such discourse can only be expedited by the adult drinks I will now be able to buy! ah – HA!


Anyway – life is good. When I’m away from where people know me, I feel much more free to be just as I want to be. It’s hard to say why I feel pressure to be somebody in particular when I am in familiar company, but I do. I’ve been getting better at ridding myself of it, but its still a factor. Nonetheless, I like that I can practice being my full self here so that I can be better prepared to be that person when I come back. 


Sometimes I think I’m crazy haha. I can only think of things existentially. I hope yall understand what I mean. 


In more tangible terms, life is also good. We’ve been watching a ton of futball, eating lots of lamb and fish, and studying a lot of engineering stuff (especially today, it was a really long day). We had a hell of a time last weekend at the town bar. A ton of people were there, including my host parents, and everything was happy and fun. I went crazy when the band played “Country Roads” hahaha. Loved it. This morning I went on a run with a friend of mine and we went up this footpath that is actually an avalanche protection barrier. Very cool view. She and I are looking to go Kayaking with some of our other friends and try to bushwack a bit up some of these fjords (since there are no marked paths). Ironically, when I started trekking up a short path on the other side of the bay, I immediately felt an intense loyalty to the Adirondack mountains. I haven’t spent an abnormal amount of time in the ADK, but when I realized I was hiking up these mountains in Iceland in a similar way to Marcy and Cascade, I immediately became proud of being able to call the ADK my “hiking home.” I really want to do more hiking while I’m here, I want to find a place where I can sit and look out at the world and be absolutely quiet.


until next time


The bay

or harbor. Whatever you want to call it


So here we are in the famous Westfjords, a magical place where the mountains (or fjords) surround the small villages including ours: Isafjodur. Yesterday our host father, Olafur, took us on a boat ride to another fjord, which was about an hour ride. I got to drive a lot on the way back! It was pretty wild – I’ve never driven a boat that big in seas that rough. We later enjoyed watching the Germany – Ghana game, poking fun at Germany most of the time haha. “Klose, was ist los??” “Schweinsteiger, wo bist du?” Very funny. We had some beers at the house and continued the festivities at the bar, Husidh. The next day – we killed our hangovers with a hike up half of a fjord on the other side of the bay. Had some great soup for lunch, then went to a birch tree farm and walked around fertilizing them for a few hours. We helped out with the trees because one of the host fathers does it in his spare time as a hobby. He seems very soft-spoken but he is an incredibly nice guy. He’s got the kind of insanely happy smile that makes me smile when he does haha. His kids are cool too, I wrestled with the seven year old earlier that day. That night, we went for a barbeque with the rest of the host families where everyone brings their food (mostly Viking sized slabs of lamb and other meat) and throws it on the grill. Everyone eats and enjoys company, then goes home. It was awesome. Although my volunteer work cleaning silverware cost me a bite of whale :(. oh well. there will be more chances. I’d write about the USA Portugal game but I don’t want to talk about it. 


Today is our first day of classes at the University in Isafjordur! My buddy Nelson and I were going to go for a run before classes, but sleep won us over. We can run this afternoon anyway. It is an absolutely magnificent day here in Iceland. It gets harder and harder to leave

Tales of adventure and exploration in Viking territoty