It´s been a while

Hello to you who are still following. Sorry I haven´t posted in a very long time! It´s been very crazy lately because we moved from Holt (up in the north part of the Island in the Westfjords) to Reykjavík down in the south. That day was 11 hours of travel and then we just rested that weekend basically. Through all of this week we´ve had class from 9-4 or 5 every day and its a 20 minute walk to and from class. So we´ve had some very long days. Not to mention a project we had to do for one of our classes this week and our individual research projects which are due next Friday. Now that we´ve had a lot of craziness, its starting to slow down. 


HopefullyI will obtain the rest of my interviews this weekend. In case I didn´t describe it before, my independent research project is a sociological analysis of public opinion regarding the future of Iceland´s energy system. I´ve interviewed five people who are educated and or familiar with the energy system and only one so far who is not familiar. (It´s important for my study to see what people who are not educated in this field think as well). So my plan this weekend is to go to coffee shops and happy hours to see who will talk to me. Buying coffee and beer in the name of science? Gosh this is tough work…


A small group of us have been going to this noodle place for dinner for most of the days last week. It´s super tasty and it fits under the budget that we were allowed for dinner. Thing is, though – they add spice to the noodles too. Like chili pepper and garlic and vinegar. I don´t actually know much what the vinegar does to the spice, but it was spicy. I´m not one for spice, but I was really digging the heat, so one day I decided to add some more chili pepper. And that´s when I realized spice needs to be a gradual indulgence. I think I drank an entire pitcher of water throughout that one bowl of noodles and, of course, there came a point where all of the noodles and meat was gone. Only. Super. Spicy. Broth. Was. Left. And I certainly could have given up. I could have returned the bowl to the staff and been on my way. But no. I was not about to be defeated by the noodles. I put my big boy pants on and chugged the rest of it. Clumps of chili pepper and all. 


I panted like a dog for the next two hours. I can do without chili pepper for a while. 


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