So remember how I said Holt has been rainy and nasty outside? There is actually a name for that weather in Icelandic. You can say Það er skitaveður í dag which means “it is shitty weather today.” However, the rain and clouds cleared up and it is magnificent outside. My buddy Jesse and I went for a run this morning. There were many different possible directions, so we essentially flipped a coin to figure out where to go. We ended up on the road to Flateyri, which is a town 7km away (though we didn’t go the whole way). Absolutely gorgeous running alongside the fjords. And dodging tour busses on the narrow road. The sheep didn’t seem to understand our calls, also. Pity.
When we got back, a lot of people were up and enjoying the sun by eating breakfast outside. As I went upstairs I was met by several of the guys doing pushups and lifting a big rock they had found to get some exercise. It was a pretty funny sight, but it was simply a result of the sunshine. Everyone is happy. A bunch of us went for a hike around eleven, but I decided to stay back and enjoy the quiet here. (Plus blog, eat, and get some work done). Jesse lives in CA, and he is not far from a lot of climbing/hiking places. I do like to stay fit, and I would really really like to have those opportunities readily available wherever I live in the future. I just want to be able to be outside, not on a flat road, and moving my body. Whatever it takes. Biking, climbing, hiking, paddling, I just want a place to explore. Don’t know where its going to be, but I think there are a ton of places that have those things.
Just enjoying the day. It’s beautiful Iceland!


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