Feeling Free

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I feel, much of that has gone into thinking if I am free or not, but this ¨free¨is a different kind. My mind just feels clearer, less muddled. I think of it is just that I have been focusing on a lot of new things lately: being away from home, living in a host family, learning a new language, basically everything that is NOT what I was doing before. My mind is free to just enjoy learning languages, I am free to pursue this research project, and I am free to interact with people as I please. There is no mental baggage with me right now – at least a lot less than before. I don‘t feel as though I have to act a certain way around people. It is not that I feel like I have to act a certain way around people back home, but who I am to them is defined by a certain set of habits. Here I don´t have those. So people aren´t surprised when I am actually trying something new or different. It´s quite refreshing, liberating.
We´ve just arrived at Hollt. We are all living in one house for the week, so it may be interesting, but it is magnificent here. We are in a valley of sorts with bounding mountains encircling us with a fluffy, yet persistent, mist hovering above them. My roommate, Jesse, and I are planning on running, hiking, and exploring them when the bad weather passes. I have no idea what academics are in front of us this weekend, but I think everyone is ready for a break. We´ve had class from 9-4 every single day last week. Usually engineering in the morning and Icelandic in the afternoon. Ég kann að segir hvað ég heiti, hvaða ég er frá, og hvadan talar ég skil. It´s really, really cool. I´ll write about the language more another time, but I am really diggin it. I hear it is pretty hot back in NY right now – so it must be a fantastic Independence Day which I am, once again, missing. Wish yall the best. Please have a drink and a song for me. Plus some kickass food. Wish I could be at the lake!!! Much love, everyone


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