it is so FRIGGIN annoying that so many of the picture uploads that I have posted aren’t showing. Can you guys see them? It also takes several minutes to upload which is more aggravating. Oh well – I guess storytelling will be due when I get home. Such discourse can only be expedited by the adult drinks I will now be able to buy! ah – HA!


Anyway – life is good. When I’m away from where people know me, I feel much more free to be just as I want to be. It’s hard to say why I feel pressure to be somebody in particular when I am in familiar company, but I do. I’ve been getting better at ridding myself of it, but its still a factor. Nonetheless, I like that I can practice being my full self here so that I can be better prepared to be that person when I come back. 


Sometimes I think I’m crazy haha. I can only think of things existentially. I hope yall understand what I mean. 


In more tangible terms, life is also good. We’ve been watching a ton of futball, eating lots of lamb and fish, and studying a lot of engineering stuff (especially today, it was a really long day). We had a hell of a time last weekend at the town bar. A ton of people were there, including my host parents, and everything was happy and fun. I went crazy when the band played “Country Roads” hahaha. Loved it. This morning I went on a run with a friend of mine and we went up this footpath that is actually an avalanche protection barrier. Very cool view. She and I are looking to go Kayaking with some of our other friends and try to bushwack a bit up some of these fjords (since there are no marked paths). Ironically, when I started trekking up a short path on the other side of the bay, I immediately felt an intense loyalty to the Adirondack mountains. I haven’t spent an abnormal amount of time in the ADK, but when I realized I was hiking up these mountains in Iceland in a similar way to Marcy and Cascade, I immediately became proud of being able to call the ADK my “hiking home.” I really want to do more hiking while I’m here, I want to find a place where I can sit and look out at the world and be absolutely quiet.


until next time